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How to Approach a Fiverr Buyer Request

fiverr buyer request

Facing a hard time in responding to the Fiverr buyer requests? Don’t worry in this article I will tell you how to approach the buyer’s request efficiently and win the projects.

What is Fiverr Buyer Request?

There are two ways by which you can get orders on Fiverr one way is that a buyer approaches you through your gig ranking. Learn how to make a gig, that is the odd one out and how it can be shown on the first page of Fiverr. This will increase your chances that the buyer himself approaches you for a job.

Another way is the one that we will discuss today how you can apply to jobs posted by a Fiverr buyer. These jobs are called buyer requests and thus most of the time if you are on a Fiverr new seller level, will be your way to get the jobs.

Fiverr buyer requests are the job advertisements that buyers put on the Fiverr platform. This Fiverr buyer request will include the type of job they will need, their budget, and their deadlines. Most of the time these requests are short and concise. But, sometimes buyers put a large message explaining all of their requirements in the job post.

Where the Fiverr Buyer Request Found?

Fiverr buyer requests are found in the More section of your main menu. When you click on more there will be a portion of buyer requests. After clicking it whatever your expertise is, buyer requests for those categories are shown there.

How to Approach a Fiverr Buyer Request?

Approaching a buyer request is like posting your curriculum vitae on the job posting. The competition will be quite high for you. As soon as you approach that request it may be possible that hundreds of Fiverr sellers have already applied.

This is true that the competition is high but this is the only way through which you can approach a job. To win the project, what you can do is to write a proposal that will be eye-catching, appropriate, and have the best value to the buyer.

Step by Step Guide to Approach a Buyer’s Request

Once you have seen the request and decided that this is the job for you. Now the next step is to write your proposal to the buyer to get that job. Remember your competition is tough so you have to be the best version of yourself. You have to write that request perfectly. I will mention the step-by-step approach and some important points for you to consider while approaching a buyer.


What most of the sellers do is that as soon as they see the request they just read one-two lines, and send the buyer a request. You must read it thoroughly and carefully, keep in mind all the aspects. See carefully what he is asking for and what you can provide.


Yes, you can make a template just for your sake but never send it to the buyer request. If you want to send it make appropriate changes before sending it. You know every buyer has different requirements. Some also mentioned writing some words before starting the job request. So, keep that in mind that you must meet the buyer’s requirements.


Whatever the post is, if you get some research done before sending the request to the buyer this will be helpful for you. In this way, you will have to offer more than anyone else for a buyer.


At the very start greet the buyer then introduce yourself, like what is your name, who you are, and what you can provide. Include his job interest in your introduction for example if you are applying for a logo designing job start by saying that I am an experienced graphic designer and logo designing is my specialty and this is how I can help you.


Never think that if you consume all the words that Fiverr is giving you will make a good impression on a buyer. Large paragraphs will not interest you. Instead, keep it sweet and short. Try to use lesser words and remain focused. Most buyers are busy; they are having hundreds of requests. Buyers don’t have time to go through all of them.

If you write long posts that are not required by the buyer you might end up getting ignored by your buyer.


You will be hired only if you are someone a buyer is looking for. Try to explain to him briefly how you can help them so that he will consider hiring you without a doubt.


After writing the requirements what you can provide to him for his better sales. Try to ask some questions about his job post. You can ask any relevant questions. Asking questions will let the buyer feel that you are taking interest in his project more and chances of you getting hired will be high.


As said before it’s like submitting a CV. When you apply for any job the most important part of that will be your experience. Similarly in the buyer request link at least one of your similar work or projects so buyers get an idea of how you will deal with his project.


If a buyer requests that work be delivered in 2 days. Try to offer him to deliver in one day within the same charges.


You know hundreds of people are applying for one position and the buyer might pick the one who provides faster service, quality work in the least possible amount. so try to bid low on the request and increase your hiring chance.


Last but not least try to finish off by saying that looking forward to hearing from you. And always finish your buyer request with the regards and your name. This will show your professionalism


Once you have written the request. Click on the submit request, select the relevant gig of your skill the buyer is asking for, and click submit an offer.


  • Don’t apply for a job if it says $5 and you can do this work for $10. A buyer already mentioned his price if you go below that chances of your hiring will be less.
  • Don’t sell your gig for a lesser amount as this will decrease your average selling price. Try to approach for requests that are near your gig prices.
  • You can send a ready-made template but with all the necessary changes relevant to the job post.
  • Address your buyer with a name. Calling them sir and mam will not look and be considered professional.
  • Try to apply for a job earlier not lesser than the top 20. As there are high chances that the buyer will select the person within the top 20.

In the end, no matter if you are selling skills that are always wanted or you have no skills at all. In both times approaching your buyer with the same method will be appropriate. Don’t rush, stay calm, read the request properly, and respond wisely.

So, guys with this article Fiverr series came to end. The next series I will be starting is on Upwork.

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