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How Can You Earn On Fiverr Without Skills?

Sell on Fiverr Without Skills

The question is simple that can someone work and earn money on Fiverr without skills? 

Well, the answer is even simpler and that is a ‘YES’. But now you might be thinking that how it is even possible to earn on Fiverr without skills? And What Fiverr has to offer you without skills? Let’s find out the answer to these in the post below.

Is Fiverr Only a Platform for Skilled?

The simple is the sweet answer is “NO”. Often, you have heard that for being a successful freelancer especially in large freelancing platforms such as Fiverr you must be highly trained and skilled. It is not always necessarily true. For being a freelancer you should have a specific skill set but to work on Fiverr it’s not the ultimate necessity. 

Fiverr is not the platform for skills but for people who can provide services to others in any form. So, even if you are unskilled you can help people in several ways. Fiverr is not a platform only for experienced freelancers it is only available for people who really don’t have any attractive skills. 

Earn Money On Fiverr Without Skills

So, once you have found out that it is possible to earn on Fiverr without skills. First, understand that there is no doubt that if you are a skilled professional chance of your hiring is high. Plus you can earn more than the people who are not skilled. 

Now here is a list of the top 10 ways by which you can earn money on Fiverr. The top 10 options are not only to get you to hire but also to earn a good amount of money through Fiverr.


Fiverr gig creation is a topic I have already discussed earlier. When someone opens a new account they often don’t get enough information about what to write and how to create a gig? 

I have mentioned it here. Get them a gig which is a good competition for others. See-through this here and sell this service to others. Help them create the gig and get paid. There are currently more than 17k services available on Fiverr.


Creating videos is not a problem nowadays. As everybody is having cell phones in their hands and cameras in it. You can create a gig for providing the video testimonial or spokesperson video which is having a growing number of demands. 

All people want to have a good review or testimonial for themselves and if it is done in the form of video worth increases. Fiverr has at least 1000 gigs in this category. Besides this, you can also create TikTok videos and earn money.


Yes, it’s easier said and also easily done. Just play games online no matter on PS4 or other video games. You will offer people for playing, play with them, and get paid. No skill is needed. More than 750 gigs are running on Fiverr for this category.

You can also make your gig on playing specific games such as Fortnite etc that are quite popular.


You must be having a Facebook account and other social media accounts. You must be posting comments on different posts there and all you are doing is out of curiosity and for free. Get paid for posting comments on other people’s social media accounts and posts. You can also be asked for posting comments that are appealing under their blog post.


Fill out online surveys to earn money, right now there are more than 600 services available for this service.


Fiverr affiliate is a program in which you are in short a Fiverr’s employee and Fiverr asks you to drives traffic on their web and the other hand pays you.

You can simply visit their website and sign up for the Fiverr affiliate program. Click here for more details.

In another way, you can offer people to promote their gigs on social media, etc, and get paid. As I have discussed why and how your Fiverr gig can rank and also how to achieve next seller levels. Help people with that.  


People need pictures without background for several reasons. Not everyone knows how to do this. Most people think it’s can only be done by photoshop by a graphic designer. But, in reality, there are several tools available online for free that can get that job done for you such as remove background here.

You can try and practice then sells this service to others. This service has a competition of more than 38k on Fiverr.


People are paying you just for suggesting the name for their business. Some people get a hard time deciding the name. 7k people selling this service on Fiverr at present. 

This can also be done through online free tools like Namelix easily.


At least 35k sellers on Fiverr selling the service of adding subtitles to videos. You can also do this. How? Well, Everyone uses Youtube. If you want to get on Fiverr without skills go for this category. Simply sign in to Youtube through your Gmail account, make a private channel. 

Youtube allows its users to put automatic subtitles on every video a channel uploaded. You can sell the service of adding subtitles to videos. After taking the video from a client upload it on the channel you have made then ask for subtitles from youtube.


People are looking guides for the places they want to visit as a tourist. Google itself is a good enough platform for every guide. But still, if you live in a place which is attractive to tourists or a country you can sell your guidance to them.

The good news is this is the lowest competitive area among all so you can compete easily. Sell them complete tourism guide online, make plans for them about where to live, what to eat, etc.

In conclusion, Fiverr is a platform for everyone. You just have to be extra efficient to compete with your competitors. Even if you want to sell on Fiverr without skills you can earn a good amount of money with the skills I mentioned above.

I have just given you the path it’s up to you how you will utilize it. Just don’t compromise the quality of work. Be loyal to yourself and your buyer. Don’t get into something you can’t do this will affect your reputability as a seller. Try to provide quality service and earn good reviews even if you are selling on Fiverr without skills.

Feel free to contact below if you want to get more ideas like these or if you have any queries.

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