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Top 8 Fiverr Skills That Will Drastically Sell Out

Top 8 Drastically Selling Fiverr Skills

Are you confused about which skill to make your gig on? or which Fiverr skills sell best?

Making a gig with all the tips and tricks or ranking your gig on the first page is important but what is more important is to decide what skills making money on Fiverr or what are the top skills on Fiverr that sells no matter what.

Today we will discuss 8 Fiverr most in-demand skills 2020. So, that if you have one or more skills you can make a gig and start selling. Without wasting any time further let’s start our discussion on listing money-making skills for Fiverr.

Top 8 Fiverr Skills List


  • A virtual assistant in easy terms is a person who manages your company from home and a laptop as a remote office.
  • You can offer data entry, internet research, data collection, email management, admin and customer support, social media management, or also make PowerPoint presentations, and much more.
  • In this way, you can work from anywhere to anyone and anywhere in the world.
  • Fiverr has on average more than 19k gigs in this category.


  • If you are good at creating videos and also have know-how on customization and editing the videos you can go for this category.
  • You can offer video creation with a customized logo, website URL, images, music, or voice over.
  • You can also offer for creating the whiteboard animation video if you know how to make one.
  • This category has more than 16k gigs on Fiverr.


  • If you are good at graphic designing or working as a designer go for these two categories.
  • Not only the logo designing and business card designing existed in this category. There is a huge number of sub-categories in terms of services you can provide here.
  • Logo designing compromise of more than 123k gigs on Fiverr.
  • The business card having several more than 27k gigs on Fiverr.


  • If you have good writing skills, a firm grip on languages such as the English language and can write long posts creatively go for this category.
  • You can provide writing almost everything and anything you can name of. But most selling writing skill is for blogs and articles.
  • Fiverr freelance writing of blogs and articles has more than 50k gigs.
  • If you know more than one language or your grammar is good you can also provide services such as translation and proofreading.
  • Also can write resumes, legal papers, academic writing, etc. Click here for a detailed presentation on the gig.


  • SEO (search engine optimization) doesn’t need any introduction in this era. It is simply used to improve ranking your site, your business, your blog, or your profile on Google and search engines.
  • No matter what are doing online, running a site, having a blog, having an online shop, and business, all of them need SEO to be successful in an online world without it one can’t stand out in a digital world.
  • You can offer on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, or a package of all in one.
  • Fiverr right now is having almost more than 21k gigs on SEO services.


  • Digital marketing is a type of marketing that strategizes to be done online through digital platforms for enhancing traffic and sales.
  • You can provide services like digital marketing strategy, digital marketing consultation, content marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.
  • More than 24k gigs are available in this category on Fiverr.


  • If you are a developer or even if you are not a developer but know how to operate a CMS like WordPress category is for you.
  • You can offer to create a WordPress site or to customize and update an already made website on WordPress chances are openly great for you.
  • This gig is rising day by day and to date has more than 51k gig services.


  • Again if you are a developer go for this category as well along with the WordPress site.
  • You can offer to develop and types of games and apps on mobile or IOS.
  • 16k Fiverr gigs already existing in this category to date.
  • But unlike WordPress, not everyone can do this. If you want to create a gig in this category go for learning these skills first then go for it.

In conclusion, people with different backgrounds who are having commands on different niches and skills can work on the Fiverr platform. Fiverr top skills covering almost all categories. You can start today working on your skillset and then start selling. Always choose a category or skill you are a master of because there is no compromise in the quality of work in the Fiverr freelance marketplace.

If you have not to master or don’t know any best skills for Fiverr, start learning today. Take yourself to the advanced level and then start as a freelancer on Fiverr. If you have skills and it is not listed above then don’t worry they are only the top 8 skills. You can showcase the skill you want no matter whatever it is. I will discuss selling on Fiverr without any skills in the next article.

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