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Read This to Rank Your Fiverr Gig On Page One

Rank Your Fiverr Gig

Who doesn’t want to see their Fiverr gig on the first search page? Almost, everybody, so here are some of the ways explained through which you can also rank your Fiverr gig on the first page.

Before this article do read the introduction to Fiverr, How to create a Fiverr gig? Then tips and tricks for a unique gig. After reading all of them come to this article for a better understanding of this topic.

You have to make your gig and update your profile the same way I have told you to do and then apply these tricks to increase the ranking of your gig.

Why It Is Important To Be On Page One?

If you have created a gig and it is on page 10 or 12. Getting orders is another scenario, do you think someone will even visit your gig?

Try to think like a buyer. If you are a Fiverr buyer and you want to buy a gig. Which gigs will catch your attention or on which gigs you want to place your order? Obviously, your preference will the gigs who appear in your eyes first.

So, gigs displaying on the first page on Fiverr search are the highlighted and most successful gigs. Those get the highest orders and impressions that is why it is important to rank your Fiverr gig on page one.

How To Rank Your Fiverr Gig

Summarizing some of the ways to rank your Fiverr gig on the first page:


I can’t emphasize enough on this. I must say this is one of the most important ways you can rank your gig. By remaining active I meant is to be online on your Fiverr account 24/7.

Day time is different according to your timezone, it is important if you are active in your daytime which is easily possible. At the night Fiverr automatically detects that it’s night and you might not be able to do reply.

But I would recommend being online whenever and wherever you can. There are some easy ways to do so:

  • If you are using only the desktop version of Fiverr, get a Fiverr app on your mobile.
  • Download auto-refresh for your desktop and keep your laptop on 24/7.
  • Set auto-refresh to every 5 minutes. This will make you active all day and night.


Make sure that your average response time is not more than 1 or 2 hours. This will be possible if your reply in 1 hour to every first message that came at the start of each conversation.

If your response time is more, your gig ranking will also drop as Fiverr will detect that you are less active than others.


Ranking of your gig also depends upon that how frequently you are getting orders and are you getting orders on your gig or not?

If you are getting regular orders from time to time your gig will also rank in no time to page one.


Try to get good positive feedback on your every order. This will be possible if:

  • The service you have provided to the client is high-quality.
  • You submitted your work before the deadline.
  • Your conversation abilities are good, and you communicate with the buyer well.


What Fiverr offers is the 10 buyers request for each seller in 2 hours. Try to avail of all of them. The least will happen is that you will not get an order but the action shows the Fiverr marketplace that you are interested and you eagerly want orders.

This will also show that you are an active user of this freelance market place and all this will help in ranking your Fiverr gig eventually.


In my last article as well, I told you all that why SEO is so important for Fiverr and how Fiverr SEO is done.

Fiverr SEO is one of the most important aspects of ranking your Fiverr gig. See my previous article to learn how to get your Fiverr gig Search engine optimized.


Some of the buyers request you a lot of work in exchange for less amount. A few days back I got a message from a seller who wants me to write 1000 words article in 1$ and he was needing 11 of those for 11$ in a day.

The least I can charge for 1000 words article is 20$. So, what he was offering was not even near to my gigs price. That is why I politely let him down. I advise you to do the same. If you sell your services lesser than what they deserve, will decrease your value and your gig’s value as well.


Again repeating this but as done in my previous article as well. I will explain why promoting and marketing your gig is important?

If you have created anything for instance your gig, no one knows. You have to tell people about it, you have to gain traffic towards your gig. Without marketing and promotion, your gig will be hidden.

Reach out to the most people possible through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your personal contacts. This will increase your impressions and likes on your gig and hence helps in ranking.

Some promotions and marketing strategies are paid. If you can afford you can go towards them as well. But as a beginner, I would recommend you to do the basics first and grow gradually.

In conclusion, to rank your Fiverr gig on page one is important as explained above. But, all these strategies and processes take time. Don’t get impatient. Start working on them today and wait for the results patiently. Click here for more explanations.

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