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Fiverr Gig Tips For Standing Out From The Crowd

Have you spent months on Fiverr and still your gig is not on the first two pages? Don’t worry today you will learn Fiverr gig tips as a seller and how you can stand out from the crowd even if you are new to Fiverr.

A Fiverr gig is the most important thing to value if you want to be su as a freelancer on the Fiverr platform. When I first joined Fiverr I did a lot of mistakes so I like to address them, for you all to avoid them and do everything right from the very beginning.

Why Fiverr Gig Ranking Is Important

The gig is the only way a buyer can see what you are and what you can offer him. If there are flaws in the showcase of your skills no one wants to buy from you. You will be disheartened and think freelancing is not for you, instead, there are a lot of problems are freelancers can face, still, some of them succeed in the end.

If you have a question on your mind that how to be successful on Fiverr? The answer is one that ranks your gig and is successful. If your gig is up to the mark and you will do whatever I am telling you in this text, believe me, you will soon be a successful seller on Fiverr.

Fiverr Tips and Tricks for a Gig

I am listing below the most important Fiverr gig ranking tips in my opinion are very important and no one will tell you that. If you do this from the very beginning your gig will rank in a lesser time period.


Why I kept research at the top? A general rule of thumb is whenever you are starting anything like a business or any job or let’s say Fiverr, you must do your homework about that. When you are starting on Fiverr. You created a new gig you are actually entering the battlefield of the freelance marketplace.

As soon as you published your gig, your competition started with other sellers on the Fiverr platform. You might be a newbie to freelancing and they might be an expert. Competing with them will be difficult for you if you don’t know about them.

So do this even before creating a gig. I will be discussing two things under this heading one by one.

Cut Down Your Competition:

  • Switch to buyer mode and search your category you are about to make a gig.
  • Let’s say your gig is about logo design (this is your keyword), by searching you will get the result that how many services are available on Fiverr for this skill.

research importance for ranking your fiverr gig

  • 124,583 services are available against your skill and your keyword of “logo design”.
  • If you try different keywords and elaborate more about the type of service you are offering like in the second picture I have changed the keyword to “unique logo design”. This decreases the service count from 124,583 to 118,767.
  • Now I try another keyword of “simple logo design” and now the available gig under this keyword is only 29,305 which are more than 4 times lesser than the above keywords.
  • Like this research about your category and select your targeted keyword in such a way that you have to face lesser competition.

Research About Your Competitors:

  • Once you have selected the appropriate keyword for your gig, the next step is analyzing your competition.
  • Analyze that in your selected category, which sellers are on the first page and from them who are having more orders.
  • Shortlist those people and study their gigs, find out how they are displaying their gigs, what they are offering, and how much they are charging.
  • By this, you will get an idea of what is the price your skill is selling fast, and what changes you can make in your gig to stand on the competition better.


The title of your gig is very important as it is the first line or you can say the first impression anybody will see about or read about you.

  • Your gig title will be your gig’s URL so choose your title wisely.
  • It must be short and sweet.
  • It must contain your researched keyword for the example above I have research for “simple logo design”.


In today’s era, every content present on the internet needs SEO (search engine optimization). In Fiverr also you need to display your gig details based on SEO. Here are some Fiverr SEO tips:

  • Your researched keyword must be contained in your gig’s title.
  • The targeted keyword must be present in your gig’s description not more than 3 times. Avoid overstuffing it.
  • Try to put your keyword in your pricing description as well.
  • Put your target keyword in your image name.


The question is how to boost your Fiverr gig? And the answer is through Marketing.

Once you have made and published your gig. Try to share it on every social media platform you have. Share your gig with your friends and family. Try to get more visitors to your gig, and marketing your gig will help you to achieve that.

You can market your gig on Facebook, Twitter, or you can also copy the link and spread through other platforms such as Whatsapp.


Fiverr gig media include images, videos, audio, and PDF files. In my opinion, if you try to insert more media this will elaborate your skills further in an attractive way. Most people only use one image which is compulsory for Fiverr gig making. If you use different media files and more than the one you can stand out unique in the whole ocean of the gig market.


Most people make only those gigs and that many as they had skills. I would recommend if you have only 1 skill make 7 gigs in that with different perspectives.

For example, if you are a logo designer, make 7 different gigs selecting 7 different matching keywords, and selecting the different styles of logos in each gig. This will give you 7 chances to get hired instead of one.

So, the tip is to make all 7 gigs, whether you have 1 skill, 2 skills, or all 7 skills.


In pricing your gig there are some tips you can take care of:

  • Select and make all 3 packages and not 1.
  • Always as a new seller give unlimited revisions.
  • Always fill out the gig extras section.
  • Keep your basic package cheap as low as 5-10$, as you are just starting.

Lastly, Tip of the day is “Be Unique yet Attractive” no matter whatever you create, it must not be copied. You can just get an idea and then create your own content to stand out from the crowd.

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