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A Deep Comparison Of Fiverr Vs Upwork

Are you new to Freelancing and confused between Fiverr vs Upwork

When it comes to Freelancing the two most ratted names will emerge in every freelancer’s mind Fiverr vs Upwork. There is no doubt about it that both Fiverr and Upwork are the ultimate kings in the race of freelancing career. 

Both platforms serve as attributes or third party platforms between clients and sellers. They are the stage where sellers make an account and creatively display their services. Fiverr and Upwork, on the other hand, give clients or buyers the place where they can get their work done. 

If you are an emerging freelancer, you must hear about Fiverr vs Upwork from the very first day of your career. And if you are confused about which platform to start and which one among the two is better or worse than each other you are on the right post.

Let’s find out in Fiverr vs Upwork which one is better and why.

Unique About Fiverr 

  • Easy and attractive display to your services as Gig.
  • Offer to learn Fiverr and testing service.
  • Pro Fiverr option.
  • Level sellers according to experience.
  • Having a tip system due to which can get extra payment from the client.
  • You can apply to 10 jobs daily.
  • Easy switch to buying and selling.

Unique About Upwork

  • Both clients and Freelancers can post a request
  • The traditional system for job finding
  • Connects are required
  • Hourly payments
  • Decrease the service charges with time

Fiverr Vs Upwork


Fiverr is more like a showcase of your services through gigs, if it is attractive enough there are more chances to get hired. In Upwork, you need to bid for every job postings as per requirements. 


Fiverr offer to apply for 10 jobs in a 24 hours period. Upwork works on connects they give 20 connects at the start after that you need to purchase them and on average 1-4 connects are needed for one job application.


Fiverr is not only an employment platform but it’s a learning platform as well. It offers to Learn Fiverr through which you can get yourself educated. It also offers different tests according to your expertise and if you pass them this shows the greater impact on your profile. Upwork has no such services.


Fiverr Pro badge will be offered to outstanding and experienced freelancers free of cost. Upwork doesn’t offer that but you can earn different types of badges there as well.


Fiverr allows the clients or the buyers to give extra cash to a seller as a tip with the payment. Upwork doesn’t have such an option.


Fiverr offers a leveling system to sellers. According to them if you generated enough sales, had a confined amount, and spent designated days on Fiverr you will be promoted to a higher seller’s level. Upwork also offers a seller leveling system but compare to Fiverr it is tough to achieve.

Upwork Vs Fiverr


You can bid for jobs and get selected, no need to display your services, contact the buyer directly through the bidding and proposal system. Fiverr offers a gig system instead.


If you are doing some job which requires you a lot of time and effort, Upwork’s hourly payment option is awesome for you, ‘TIME IS MONEY’ charge that much you spent. Hourly jobs are not common on Fiverr.


Connects restrict freelancers to apply for every job hence make it more occupied and concise for both freelancers and clients.


Upwork is good for building long term connections. If you have a client and had several contracts worth 10000$ with him your services charges can be as low as 5% for a lifetime with that client. Fiverr has fixed 20% service charges.

Similarities between Fiverr and Upwork

  • Secure payment options 
  • Mobile app to connect anywhere
  • Stable job offerings
  • Strict rules and regulations
  • Solves disputes efficiently
  • Having a talented pool of Freelancers

Wrapping It Up

Whenever Fiverr vs Upwork is discussed no one can be declared as the ultimate king in this scenario. Comparison between Fiverr vs Upwork is hard as both are unique in their own ways. As a beginner, if a classic type of system suits you and you think you are good at bidding and proposals to go for Upwork. If the Gig system attracts you and you think you can do better in that go for Fiverr.

Which platform to start from doesn’t matter. What matters is your dedication, consistency, and quality of work you provide. If you are a hard-working human being you can achieve your goals on every platform.

Written by Dr. Riffat Humayun

I am a doctor by profession. Working as a freelance writer and blogger for a few years now.

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