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A New Way To Create Product Listing That Kills Your Competitor

So here is the most awaited post for you. How to do product listing and product management on daraz? Product listing is the most sensitive and core step for selling on any eCommerce platform. I will cover all important topics about how to create products, add products, product pricing, stock maintenance, and product delivery phases as well. You will also find a detailed discussion on:

  • The best method to adding your products to your eCommerce store (I.e. Daraz)
  • A-Z process of start selling on daraz
  • Best ways of adding the product basic information
  • Best ways of adding the product detailed information
  • Setting the best range of product pricing and stock updating
  • Tips and tricks about adding services and order delivery management
  • The smart way to manage product attributes
  • The ultimate guide about adding product images

Steps for Product Listing and Product Management on Daraz

Let’s start with how to add your product to daraz seller center by following the step by step procedure to ensure the maximum product exposure on daraz.

First of all your need to logging into daraz seller center so that you are able to navigate seller center dashboard products-> add product. Once you select the add product list item from the dropdown menu. You will navigate to a wizard form for product listing. You need to go through all these steps one by one and fill out the mandatory fields accurately.


In the first step of product listing, you need to fill out the basic information which is

Product Name:

here the product name plays a very vital role, for example, all the quires that a user search on daraz search bar will compare to the relevant product name and title whatever you say. So base on your product name your product will appear in daraz search result. It’s a bit tricky but doesn’t worry I have a special form for setting up your product name. This sequence of product name chances to rank your product in search results.

Use the following pattern to named your products

[Brand Name] + [Model Name] + [Key Product Specification] + [Product Name] + [Product Attribute]

Base on this formula you can create your product name with no worries about the category it will usable for all.

Product Category:

Once you are done with the product name put your product name in the product name textbox daraz will automatically suggest your relevant categories based on your product name. The thing about which you need to worry about is to select the best matching category from the suggested categories.
Pro Tip: always keep your eyes on the best match child-level category. Never ever try to target the top or parent level category. Because the scope of top-level categories is very vast that cased your product list could be lost or fall into an irrelevant subcategory. Once you select the category you will see some additional information that you also need to fill out it varies from category to category.

Product Attribute:

In the product attribute section first of all you need to enter your product brand name and product size or capacity etc. once you fill out the basic attribute information there is an option for more attributes that descript the product specification in detail.  As much as detail you provide about your product while product listing. The number of chances increases in ranking your product in daraz search results.


Once you are done with step one, the next section is about product detail description.


In detail description first of all you need to provide the product highlight which actually shows the qualities and specification of your product on the top product listing page.

Usually, it’s written using bullet points, a minimum of five bullet points consider good for optimized highlight points.

Detail Product Description:

After highlights, the next thing that is required is a product detail description, which explains each highlight bullet point briefly. You can also add images to the product description page as well. Visuals play an important role in getting ideas about product qualities and quantities.

English Description:

Next thing that you need to fill out after a detailed product description is an English Description. You can simply copy-paste the detailed product description into the English Description.

What’s in The Box:

In this section, you need to mention all those things that you will send your customer. You also need to be clear each and everything in your product has a guarantee card or not and all other relevant details.


Once you are done with the product description section, the next thing is to add prices and available stock.  In this section, first of all, you need to provide the color family of your product.

Color Family:

On selecting the color family, daraz will automatically ask you for uploading product images. You should have at least 6 images of each product because daraz demands a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 images. This is just because of client satisfaction reviews about product material and quality.

The next thing that you need to provide is product price, special price for a limited time period (if any), add product quantity, and seller SKU (stock-keeping units) which is a unique code just for product identification. There is also an option of free items if you are offering any kind of free items along with your product.


After step three, here is the final step of product listing and product management.


In the service and delivery section, you need to provide the detail of services that you are offering along with the time period and policies as well. Mention all the things clearly to avoid the conflict that leads the order toward cancellation.


Here you need to provide the package detail in the form of (dimension, size, weight). You can also explore more detail about delivery by press the “More” button option. Shipping charges also mention there to deliver from a specific place.

After adding all the relevant details review your product listing at least once. Press the submit button and you are done with it.


A Few Helpful Tips and Tricks For Product Listing on Daraz:

  • Product images should keep a good resolution.
  • Keep the focus on product description and bullet points mainly.
  • Make sure that you are selecting the relevant category while product listing.
  • Don’t try to mention your personal contact information in any part of the listing.
  • Make sure that you are claims are accurate and based on truth.

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