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What Are Some Internet Advantages and Disadvantages?

Internet Advantages and Disadvantages

Without a doubt, the present lives are almost impossible without the internet. A couple of decades back it was almost unknown to people and even in its starting era only known to some government authorities. Now it is 24/7 available in everyone’s pocket and making their lives easier.

But with the rest of the things in the world, there are some internet advantages and disadvantages. If you are a regular internet user which I am sure of, you should know about those.

The reason I am saying this is because you might not know about the certain advantages of the internet knowing them might benefit you. Likewise, there might be some disadvantages of the internet you should get yourself aware of to avoid troublesome future circumstances.

Internet history and a brief introduction are already discussed in my previous article. Today’s focus will be on the internet’s advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start the discussion now.

Internet Advantages And Disadvantages

Let’s get goods and bad of the internet one by one


Positive things first so I will be mentioning the positive aspects of the internet network below.

Endless Information

Before the internet, the source of information was few. For example books, newspapers, magazines, television, radio. The Internet is the collective hub of all the resources available under one platform. You can get endless information on the internet on every topic you can name and imagine.

Entertainment Anywhere And Everywhere

The Internet provides a lot of resources for entertainment. These include reality shows to movies to online gaming. With that, the good news is that it is available without any cost. This means before the internet you had to pay to watch a movie or play games. But in the internet era, all are becoming easily accessible without excess cost.

News Updates

I remember times where you needed to wait for a piece of TV news or daily newspaper to confirm and find out any news and get its details. But nowadays all the news and updates are just a click away. 

Online Shopping

After the internet, remote shopping like many other internet advantages is one of the tops. Initially, it was not promoted by common people but now the trend of online shopping is increasing day by day. It is easier and less time-consuming.

Easy Communication

The Internet made it way easier to communicate. Previously the way of communications was through landline telephones or post. Nowadays because of the internet, it is not only possible to call anyone from anywhere at any time of the day but also you can see that in the form of video calling facilities and more.

More Ways of Earning

Ways of earning through the internet are also an excellent opportunity especially for those who didn’t find any job or even people who are not well qualified. The options on internet earnings are endless. You just need to learn some skills and then you can join some third-party platform like Fiverr or Upwork to kick start your earnings through the internet.


Let’s now put some light on the disadvantages of the internet.

Not Every Information Is True

The Internet is a huge pool of information that might have no end to it. Every piece of information you name is available with one click no matter what you are searching for. Beware that not everything you are reading and listening to on the internet is true. This is one of the biggest disadvantages you might be facing if you are doing regular internet surfing. For example, nowadays a popular topic to be searched on the internet is COVID19.

Not every information regarding this disease or any other disease or medication is true if it is written on the internet. Choose the platform wisely especially where your health is concerned.  

Increase Thefts And Money Frauds

With the increasing trends of online banking and online payments. This also includes the online shopping facility. There is also an increasing number of frauds concerning money. People cheat based on doing investment with the hope that it will be doubled after a certain time or the hackers are available to use your online banking or payment information for money theft.  


If I will say that the internet is not child-friendly that might not be wrong. Pornography is one of the top increasing trends on the internet from the very start. You have to keep an eye on your children and their internet activities if you are planning to give them access or use the child’s lock or Parental controls on windows and the internet.  

Loss of Data

Losing your data from the internet is as easy as finding and saving it. You can lose all your data if your account is compromised for some reason or even the document got corrupted or got a virus. This also includes if you got your account locked or hacked.

Lack Of Privacy

When something is on the internet it will remain there forever even if you delete it, the particles of it will remain in the internet database. With the increasing trends of social media, it is becoming easier for people to look into each other’s lives and privacy. Your data, pictures, contact information are accessible to everyone and there is no more privacy left.

Lesser Family Time

The internet has made lives easier yet difficult. The upcoming generation has so much to focus on that it has almost forgotten the importance of family and the trends. 

Wastage Of Time

There is no doubt that the present generation is spending more time on the internet than anything else. This has to do a lot with easily accessible and endless options for different activities on the internet. This can lead to lesser book time and education. Even if you are a freelancer and spending a lot of time on the internet, learn about the freelancer’s health concerns.


I might have said a trillion times before that excess of everything is dangerous. Nothing is important if you need to compromise your health and fitness plus your family time. The Internet is an awesome invention and there are internet advantages and disadvantages among them, a few of which I have discussed. Try to enjoy life as a whole. Enjoy the internet, as well as your family time, your health, etc. Once you will start doing the check and balance everything will be enjoyable. 

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