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Top 6 Online Shopping Sites In Pakistan

Online Shopping Sites In Pakistan

If you are an internet user I might doubt that you have not to purchase anything online and are unaware of the ease that online shopping brings. The online shopping sites in Pakistan gaining a lot of traffic due to this reason only. Because as per your convenience and the occurrence of COVID-19 it is easier to shop while at home than to go and shop in the supermarket.

Pakistan stands out as the second-largest online marketplace in South Asia. The recent report of the state bank of Pakistan is that the online market doubled in the last 1 year. That report also suggests that the local businesses have invested more than 18 billion per.

Initially, there were very few online shopping sites in Pakistan that were available. But now the website and the trend of online shopping increasing day by day. But the main issue is that occurs when one is wanting to start searching for online shopping sites in Pakistan is the confusion they face. This occurs because a lot of websites available in Pakistan offer online shopping services. 

But due to online money fraud and identity theft, it’s hard to trust a source. Let us find out what are the most reliable and authentic top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan.

The Top 6 Online Shopping Sites Of Pakistan

I am listing these sites based on popularity, customer support, and ease of shopping in my opinion.


The name of Daraz required no introduction when it comes to online shopping sites of Pakistan. It is the fastest-growing eCommerce marketplace and the most popular one as well. Daraz offers a wide variety of products not from Pakistan but outside the country too. From groceries to electronics to home appliances and even fashion and beauty products all are available.

It is easier to use and offers the website version as well as the app. You can browse products from many different sellers, as per their discounted options and ratings before the order is being placed. Daraz is having a decent return and exchange policy which makes it trustworthy and stands out from the crowd.

Additionally, if you want you can also sell as a seller on Daraz you can do it very easily. Look for the easy steps to start selling on daraz. Although one of the most famous shopping websites, Daraz unquestionably needs to further enhance its buyer security system as it is usually difficult to return the product sometimes, plus the process is lengthy and getting a refund is hard.


Home Shopping is the second on the list of reliable online shopping sites in Pakistan. The quality of products offered by this website is usually high quality and 7 days replacement policy. If you buy a product from home shopping it offers 1-year repair warranty services. Most of the bulk on this website is related to technology and hardware appliances.

Their policy of services is good in which the business guarantees that the price of products is unbeatable. If you find any product that you want to is charging a higher price then you can share the link with them and they will be ready to refund the price. Furthermore, in addition to that, unlike other online shopping sites in Pakistan, this website offers product delivery just in 1 to 2 days that is 24 to 48 hours.


Ishopping is a well-known online shopping site in Pakistan that has a variety of electronic products and gadgets. These may include mobile phones, computers, and Laptops, video games and consoles, etc. Moreover, the customer support is friendly with the easy refund policy, rest the quality is assured. Most of the products are offered at reasonable prices. Some products might show higher rates than the market but the replacement policy is easy with a user-friendly website design.


Goto is a one-stop online shopping site in Pakistan that is offering secure payments and a convenient shopping experience. Created on the precipice of assurance and calmness of mind. This website aims to provide the users with a ceaseless and completely trouble-free shopping platform that enhances their experience. Ecommerce stores in Pakistan have seen a roaring boom in the mainstream over some years. 

With the increasing trends of online shopping sites in Pakistan, Goto has developed its own unique name in intensifying the shopping experience with the most important thing one is looking for when it comes to online shopping. For example shop with confidence, reliability and secure site, originality of the product, and agility. An extensive range of leading brands covers all categories of technology, fashion, beauty, and home accessories.


Shophive is another popular online shopping site in Pakistan that has been in the business since 2006. It has developed into a very large eCommerce site that offers various products online to buy.

Furthermore, the name itself is known for its conventional shopper and after-sale assistance. The prices are approximately equivalent to the market. It offers expeditious delivery to the large well-known cities of Pakistan. Despite its shopping volume online and a large contribution to online business. That is to say, that it can be easily placed among the top 6 online shopping sites in Pakistan.

Shophive deals with various sorts of electronics. For example Television, LEDs, Laptops, cellphones, Printers, and Scanners, etc. Lifestyle product categories include Fashion, Health & Beauty also present.


Yayvo is always kept on the list of main online shopping sites in Pakistan and I kept it among the top 6 because of its reliability. It is launched by renowned courier company TCS Ltd. TCS itself is serving Pakistan with great enthusiasm for many years. When service is launched with the reference it will be highly reliable. 

So, Yayvo is reliable there is no doubt, and will give the delivery of the product quickly that is also ensured. Although the amount and categories of product are still limited as compared to other sites. Further with the pledge of the label and excellent client service, it can be your most reliable online shopping partner.

Yayvo currently offers some categories including electronics, cell phones, and beauty commodities. 


Online shopping is great to be done nowadays as it will not only give you shopping ease but you can do hours of window shopping without exerting yourself physically. Comparison of products is also easy. Apart from the top 6 online shopping sites in Pakistan, if you’re looking for a consigned brand for your online shopping with ease.

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