Understand WhatsApp Privacy Policy Before You Regret
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Understand WhatsApp Privacy Policy Before You Regret

What’s app recently introduced its new WhatsApp privacy policy. Which clearly mentions that it will share your data with Facebook. basically, it is a strong agreement between both apps to share the private data of app users to enhance the user experience about the usage of the internet.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy
What’s user database is shared with Facebook privately not publically so you don’t need to worried about it. both apps operating by the Facebook group. Due to false rumors and lack of information about the right privacy policy, what’s app loses a number of users. With launching this new WhatsApp privacy policy end to end encrypted messages chat app. such as telegram and signal get high popularity and get a huge amount of active users without spending a single penny.


What does Social Media say AboutĀ  New WhatsApp Privacy Policy?

There is a huge backlash on social media about this new WhatsApp privacy policy. people are expressing their thought about the new privacy policy. Most of them decide to uninstall the WhatsApp app due to their privacy or private concerns.

Do The Privacy Really Matters for Peoples?

People all around the world are very serious about their privacy. nobody wants that some play with their private data or represent it publically. WhatsApp competitor apps get free benefits due to these fake rumors that the new WhatsApp privacy policy will reveal the private data of WhatsApp users.

How We Are Paying The Cost of These Free Apps?

The truth is that everything that we are using in free is very dangerous for us. actually, we are paying the cost of free things in the form of our personal data, these big companies are playing without interest likes, dislikes, and all other concerns that we will never want to share with anybody at any cost.

How We Can Save Our Private Data From WhatsApp?

Most people are confused about how one can save his/her personal and private data from these bullshit apps. The answer is “yes” you can save your data from these apps. you just need to give some attention while installing and using an app not only WhatsApp. when we install the app they ask for permissions about the gallery, camera, and mic, etc, don’t give permission to your gallery and other media once you press the “allow” button these apps have full control over your photo gallery and other media.


I just want to share my own thought about these free apps. Everything that we are using free, cost us highly but in secret. Be aware of the things and use of technology. What do you say about this new WhatsApp privacy policy update? comment below I want to read your thoughts as well. do follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well to learn something new every day from cheekily.


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