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8 Important Components Of SEO For The Website

Are you looking for a complete SEO list for the website? Well, then you might understand the importance of it and that is why I am summarizing for your the best and most important component of SEO for the website that will make your life easy.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation is Search engine optimization. This optimization is needed for your online website regardless of its purpose whether it is created for eCommerce or a simple blog to rank and show in google and other search engine results.

SEO comprises many components that should be applied collectively to fulfill the desired results. I will be discussing each component for SEO for the website in detail and explain to you why it is important and how it works. Learn more about SEO ranking factors.

Why SEO For The Website is Important?


Increased audience and website traffic are some of the main reasons and goals for doing SEO for the website. You can reach maximum people and can increase your web traffic by doing good SEO for the website that will increase your visibility and rankings.

If you want more probabilities to get your site to be found through Google rankings and other search engines as well. You need good SEO practices that will help you in achieving top rank among the competitors.


This one is related to the first one but comes next on the list of benefits of SEO for the website. If you are not doing SEO and not applying the right strategies your website whether your blog or eCommerce will not show on the search engines. SEO is the thing you have to apply to boost your internet visibility. On the other hand, your search engine rankings are directly related to your visibility.

The higher you are visible on a SERP that is search engine result page, the more likely it that you are ranking higher. The more powerful effort you will put on your SEO for the website, the higher your visibility and simultaneously your rankings.


The concept of authority is similar to that of a market when you build your new shop in the market many factors will involve in building your shop authority in that particular market. The same applies in the online market where your website is your shop and there are certain factors you need to do to increase your online authority of the name you have selected for the website. This is known as domain authority. The better is your SEO for the website the better will be your domain authority.


By applying SEO for the website you can grow your business on the internet in no time. The eventual goal in creating the website or blogs on the internet is to earn money by generating sales and growing business by different methods. SEO has a direct impact on that. The better the SEO the more will be the sales and ascending increase in your business. SEO for the website will help you strengthen relations with your viewers, improve their experience, push more traffic to your website, and increase conversions for the business.

What Are The Components of SEO For The Website?

I am listing some of the most important components of SEO for the website in details and why they are important:


This is the first important component of SEO for the website that most people neglect. Whenever you are building a website or getting it build make sure it is attractive, easy to use, or in other terms user-friendly, well structured, and having all the necessities one should have for running a website. Also, make sure your web design is mobile-friendly.

While making the website also take care of the hosting company you choose because slow webpages hurt SEO for the website.


By secure website, I mean from HTTPS instead of HTTP. Usually when you build a website and without an SSL certificate, it is not secure. You have to put an SSL certificate on your website address to make it secure and convert it to HTTPS.


After making the website and getting it ready always keep your mind clear about what is revenue you are expecting from this website for doing so the first thing is to understand your users. Think of yourself as a user and then plan.


You might have heard that content is the king. You can get the guide to starting your career as a freelance writer here. But content is not only about writing and words it has a lot of components in it that I am mentioning below:


Words are the most expressive type of content. By words, I meant that you need to create keyword optimized paragraphs for your website. Words in terms of pages (about, content, terms and services, the home page), blogs, product descriptions, etc will be great as far as SEO is concerned.


So, like a said content is not only restricted to the words but also you can beautifully create them in the form of images. Images are attractive and engaging. Nowadays a good form of images known as infographics is introduced to increase more credibility of SEO for the website. If you are running an eCommerce website the high-quality 3D images of products will do the job.

Other Types of Content

  • Videos
  • Audio
  • PDF files


The HTML headings are simply HTML tags that are for headings. They make it easier for the search engine bots to crawl through your website and content. There are H1 to H6 heading in HTML and they are for the sections and then subsections of the page and its divisions.


Keyword research is one of the most crucial things in SEO. You can not just randomly create content for your website. You have to search and rank for the relevant keywords to do this. The keywords are the practice of finding, analyzing, what people are searching the most related to your website niche. In other words, increasing and targeting the users through search.

You can try the tools like Google AdWords for your keyword searching.


Linking SEO is a combined term for internal and external links that create combined link juice for increasing your domain authority and boosting your SEO for the website.

Internal Links: URLs embedded in your own website and linking your multiple pages with each other.

External Links: URLs embedded in your website from other websites are called external links.


Another tool for SEO is google analytics and the audit for your website. These are not the actual component of SEO for the website but they are necessary to monitor it. Tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs are used for that purpose.


Wrapping it up with a thought that SEO for the website is of utmost importance and without this, you will not be able to stand out from the crowd in the online world. Follow the guidelines and practice components of SEO for the website if you are just starting from day one. I will be giving more knowledge-based articles like these on SEO in upcoming writings.

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