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The Digital Era – Why Was The Internet Invented?

Why Was the Internet invented_

Internet invented even before the start of the 21st century but the use was not easily accessible to everyone. 21st century in my point of view in the actual digital era or the era of the internet. There are endless advantages and disadvantages of the internet which will be discussed later in some other text.

For now, when the internet invented and easily accessible, it lands a lot of benefits to humanity. This especially made connecting people easier way. With the growing use of the digital world, everything and everyone is just a click away. As we all in the present era can’t imagine our lives without the internet. So, today I will be putting some light to discuss how, when, and why was the internet invented.

What Is The Exact Internet Definition

The exact definition of the internet as per Wikipedia in my words I am quoting below

The Internet is the collective system of networks that are interconnected and use TCP/IP protocol to make communication among devices. The Internet has all kinds of networks that include private, business, and government with many more. They are connected locally and globally via an invisible electronic wire.

What Year Was The Internet Invented

It was the era of the 1960s, which is actually considered the start of internet emergence. Before this, there was no proper way of communication on computer networks. Transfer Control Protocol/Internetwork Protocol (TCP/IP) was the back then the protocol was established.

TCP/IP allows different types of computers on various networks for communication. This allows every network could now be connected by a universal language.

Internet Invention Date

The exact date of the internet invention is 29th October 1969. The first message delivered through it was: a “node-to-node” message from one computer to the other one.

Few Words On Internet History

After the invention in the 1960s. The internet grew huge at the beginning of the 2000s. It the important to the point that it becomes and impacts each aspect of daily life. Software companies grew bigger, and merchants accustomed to these innovations by making their internet solutions accessible on every web browser.

However, the functionalities remain unchanged and there was no significant transition towards it. The main purpose of the internet then was data management tactics, easy communication, information forums, and chit chat were the main motives of the internet.

After that, the introduction of the social communications platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter somewhere in the middle of the 2000s makes the existence of the internet even more prominent. People can be easily connectable making the internet even more popular. This was not only adapted on the personal level but also on the academic and professional level as well.

Later in the series the 2000s, there was also the option of online applications for jobs and learning options on the internet. All this not only makes the academics better but also in the productivity in professional life.

What Are Advantages Of Internet Invention

The advantages of the internet are endless. It is one of the most powerful creations of humankind. It offers people an easy way of communication, authentic learning and knowledge facilities, and entertainment resources as a plus point.

The benefits of internet invention are a lot I will discuss in the later posts in detail. For the sake of the present article just mentioning the names of some of these below.

  • Data sharing
  • Easy communications
  • All the time connectivity
  • Tracing the right address and contact info
  • Learning platforms for free
  • Online banking
  • Endless entertainment
  • Online shopping
  • Remote working options
  • Online data storage
  • Advertisement seems easy
  • Making online brands
  • Job searching online

Although the digital platforms are widespread and increasing day by day in popularity. Internet digital solutions cant replace the importance of the traditional platforms designed for specific goals and areas like schools for knowledge, people assigned for task management, or even instant messaging face to face.

The endless excellent case as the need to extend platforms and statements invented for a sole objective. However, interoperability and combination with third-party platforms, apps, and subsisting internet setups are needed for a more enjoyable work experience.

Why Was the Internet invented?

When the Internet was invented the core purpose for that was to help the military and to use it as a weapon during wars. It was invented as a government weapon for easy and private communication between soldiers. After that, the purpose was shifted towards scientific communication. For years, scientists and researchers were the only ones who have used it to communicate and for data sharing.

The Bottom Line

The purpose of the internet was something else and it’s being the backbone for providing a multidisciplinary solution of almost anything you can name of. Before a decade no one can imagine the things internet invented and made easier for mankind. Everything is just one click away in the world of the internet.

Online business, platforms, earnings, communication platform will not be possible if there was no internet. Lastly, I hope this article helps you in understanding the internet better. May this content I shared with you gave some insight about the origins of this galaxy of information known as the internet we use today.

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