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Some Important Highlights On Upwork Freelancing

Upwork Freelancing

Upwork freelancing is of no introduction. Like Fiverr it is the most used and largest freelance marketplace. Today I will highlight 3 major things that are exclusive if you do Upwork freelancing. Learn about them to achieve a successful career as a freelancer on Upwork.

Connect System In Upwork Freelancing

Upwork introduce their connect system in May 2019. This system is labeled as virtual currency by Upwork between 1-6 connects that freelancers can use to bid on jobs.


After clients post the job. Upwork, evaluate the value of that job opening after assessment of several factors based on the client’s history on Upwork. Factors like whether they have placed money in reserve, the size and scope of the work, and the overall project cost.

  • The higher the connects required for a job application the reliable will be the client.
  • The least trustworthy clients and the lesser connects will be required for job applications.
  • Without the required number of connects you can’t apply for the job.


When you sign up for the first time you will get some connects and there are three ways you can get or refill the connects:

  • You can purchase connects in bulk that is anywhere from 10-80 connects, but the price is fixed that is $.15 for each connect.
  • Get Upworks plus membership, so there will be 70 connects refill each month into your Upwork freelancing account. The membership cost $14.99.
  • Upwork will refill your connects 10 every month.


Don’t spend your connects on every job out there on Upwork. Choose wisely. Instead, build your profile so strong that you are self-invited by a client for an interview. This will take 0 connects.

Learn more about Upwork connect system here.

Hourly Vs Fixed Jobs On Upwork

Upwork freelancing offers it’s freelancers two types of methods to get hired and paid. Let’s discuss each of them below:



  • Supported payments by Upwork because Upwork monitors the number of your working hours by Upwork Team Manager.
  • You can get paid specifically for the hours you’ve already worked.
  • You can decide the rate once you apply for a specified role.


  • There might be a delay in payments while the buyer reviews your work screenshots. This may take up to one week. So, if the payment is not received till the following period – you’re always paying the dues.
  • Furthermore, the client can always further delay the payment as it will be in his hands. Especially if they have a problem with any of your screenshots. So, this is your duty to only work on the project while it is turned on.



  • A lump-sum payment can price based on a per-project basis rather than an hourly basis
  • The upfront payments can be chosen before initiating the project.
  • The client can pay you more than agreed upon at the time of job completion


  • There will be a delay in your payment if your project is not liked by the client and if they don’t like your work or if they don’t remember to sign off the project that was submitted by you. You are relying on the client to pay you in good faith (if they don’t pay, you can lodge a complaint with Upwork however, and leave bad feedback about them, which cannot be removed by them). The payments hold in Escrow can be released once the client gives the green signal.
  • Payment can be withdrawn after a period of 1 week.
  • The client can choose to pay you less than agreed upon


If you’re just starting on any freelancing site, hourly priced jobs are your best and safest bet. These types of jobs ensure that you will get paid for the work and also for the energy and time you are consuming on the project. You can also say that this is a risk-free option.

However, this method is not favorable to clients as they might have to pay higher bids for the longer project. For this reason, most clients prefer a fixed priced method. The fixed price will be favorable to them and they know exactly how much the project will cost them without any hidden expenses.

Though there is a warning to the hourly rate. The clients can restrict the number of hours you do per week. By this, the client may set a budget of hours every week. So really, there is no good reason to skip the hourly rate option with the feature.

The hourly rate though guarantees that you will get paid for the work that you do. It’s a win: win situation! and the client can budget accordingly.

I believe that the fixed priced rate will remain in place, particularly for larger amounts of work, but the hourly rate will become the more popular option.

Seller Badges On Upwork


  • Fee reduced on featured jobs 10%.
  • 30 connects free.
  • Chat and support facility.

How to get it?

  • Pass Upwork readiness test.
  • Do projects complete on time
  • 100% complete profile.
  • Availability up to date.
  • Regularly submission of proposals.
  • No violation of terms and services.
  • 90 old days active profile.
  • Link your social accounts.


  • The fee was reduced to 10%.
  • You are able to remove the bad review.
  • Invitations from talent specialists without any connect.
  • Jobs send through emails.
  • Chatting and phone call from Upwork support.
  • The client can see the top-rated badge.

How to get it?

  • First, earn a rising talent badge.
  • The last job must be 90 days back.
  • 13 weeks should be maintained for rising talent badges out of 16 weeks.
  • 90% above job success should be maintained up to 13 weeks
  • 100% complete profile.
  • 1000$ earning for 12 months.
  • Availability should be available.
  • No account hold, action should be 90 days.


  • Can work long term projects or high paying project.
  • The fee was reduced to 10%.
  • Can remove the bad review.
  • Invitations from talent specialists without any connects.
  • jobs digest emails.
  • Chatting and phone from support.
  • Faster payments on hourly contracts.

How to get it?

  • Maintain top rated badge.
  • Total earning 12 months 10000$.
  • Previous or current on large and highly paid projects with good feedback.
  • Not be in any agency non-exclusive.


  • Cream of Upwork.
  • Interviewed by Upwork. They invited sellers who qualifies.
  • Specific skills are open for this option like web development, mobile software development, design and creative, sales and marketing freelancers or agencies are qualified.
  • A dedicated talent manager who connects you with relevant and high paying clients

How to get it?

  • Invite only.
  • Interview and series of tests by Upwork.
  • Evaluation of the basic skills.


Whether Fiverr or Upwork freelancing is unique and easy to use in its own ways. No matter whatever third party platforms you are using in the end what matters is your skills and your dedication to work. Freelancing is all about the consistency of your work. Stay consistent and work hard, so that success can be ensured.

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