COVID-19 is aiding Freelancing
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8 Solid Facts That COVID-19 Is Actually Aiding Freelancing

COVID-19 is up till now the biggest economical disaster of the 21st century. It’s a Pandemic virus that is affecting a large population around the world with not only health but with economical and financial crises as well. Despite all the disasters COVID-19 is actually aiding Freelancing and here’s how.

People are unable to go to their jobs, some get fired due to the low finances of the company and some are staying home due to COVID-19 related safety reasons. Whatever the reason might be the result is the same that is a heavy push towards the decline of the economy.

Now about Freelancing that is you all know a remote job or work from home job. The human body is made for survival and when it comes to lack of daily necessities for living everyone shifts to something which survival can be possible.

Freelancing came as survival to this economic crisis to the world. Learn below what are the facts involved in this statement and you will also believe that it’s true. More People Are Coming Towards Freelancing Due To COVID-19 and here is why:

1. It’s Easy to Work From Home In The Pandemic

You might prefer a traditional or conventional job over Freelancing but the fact is that in COVID-19 everyone fears going out and do a job. In an office job, you might come in contact with several people. God knows who is affected. You engage in meetings, lunch, presentations, which is unavoidable human contact.

With excessive human contact in an office setup, you came across surfaces that different people touch. All you have to do is wear a mask and gloves all the time. Avoid snacking. Wash hands or use sanitizer frequently. All this is for your safety but sometimes become annoying.

These are the reasons why in this pandemic it’s easier to work from home that is as a freelancer than to go to the office and increase health risks.

2. All COVID-19 Required Is An Isolation

Isolation and less human contact are needed to stop the spread of this disease with many other factors. When you work as a Freelancer you are already isolated sitting in front of your computer or laptop and working alone.

This will decrease every chance to spread it with human contact or the affected surface contact. Even you are isolated from your family and friends during this passage of time.

3. Handsome Amount Of Money

COVID-19 had made suffer to almost every company and firm around the world financially. So, a lot of people are unable to get their fixed salaries. Many people are getting half of it, some are not getting it at all due to the low finances of the firm.

If you work as a Freelancer your work will pay off, more than that you are getting from the job nowadays, and pay is not compromised at all.

4. Job Stability

Employees of many companies are being fired in this pandemic. Mostly those who are new and on probation, or an extra to the company. Today you don’t have any stability in your 9-5 job though you have a stable and flexible job and projects if you work as a freelancer.

5. No Worry For Transportation

Pandemic is going on followed by the lockdown. Transportation is difficult and expensive now. If you book public transport to a job it will be very expensive for you and human and surface contact will increase if you own a ride still difficult to go out in lockdown anyways.

Being a freelancer doesn’t require any transportation to anywhere. All you need is to stay at home and work online.

6. Electronic Transfer Of Money

Nothing is cooler to work from home and get paid online without any physical communication of a person or cash and cheque. If you work online all you need is to provide your bank account number to the client and money will be transferred directly into the bank account.

7. Online Communication

No need to make presentations or communicate in the face to face meetings with the client. All you need is an online communication and an online professional relationship with the client.

8. Zero Chances For Catching COVID-19

If you don’t go out, don’t physically communicate, and don’t have to leave home for any purpose there are zero chances of having this deadly pandemic virus called COVID-19. There is a famous phrase circulating social media “Stay Home Save Lifes” which describes the best way of working as a freelancer in this pandemic is better and great.

Besides: There will be a debate that many companies are also promoting the idea of the remote employees in the COVID-19 crisis then why freelancing? Work from home being a part of the company is also a good option for those who don’t want to shift their career as freelancing. But there are still some facts to consider with all the benefits to work from home freelancing is still better than that Why? Here’s Why:

  • Freelancing is a business, not a job.
  • Be the boss, not an employee.
  • No need to wake up early for online meetings on video calls.
  • You will get full payment and not half or compromised one.
  • You will have the flexibility of timings.
  • Freedom to work in whatever clothes you want and whatever position you need. Don’t need to dress up for an office meeting.
  • You can take breaks whenever needed.
  • Choose the work of your choice and your mood.

Yes, as freelancing is becoming popular and on upper hand aided by COVID-19 still you have to look for increasing competition. As more people shifting to freelancing and competition is increasing but you can overcome this by being competitive.

Be competitive and the best version of you, to hit the target market. Be confident and skillful, no one can come on your way. Money and work are also the necessity but health comes first.

Decide what is best for you and what the best you can do with your life to achieve your dreams. Think, make efforts, and succeed. More importantly, stay safe and keep your loved ones safe.

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