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The Best Ways To Make Money Online Without Spending a Single Penny In 2020

Do you also have a question in your mind about how to ake money online? Wherever I go, the first question people often ask me is what are the best ways to make money online. Be it my LinkedIn community, Facebook community, public gathering, or friendly chit chat. When it comes to earning and making money online I often suggest to start freelancing and a bundle of questions again raised on it like what is freelancing? etc

We have all those things that we need to make money online. For example a good internet connection, an average laptop or personal computer, and skill set in which you are expert or intermediate. Now the next question is, what are the in-demand skills that we need to learn?

I always got angry at this question because people do not even try to assess themselves or google their problems. They are always looking for ready-made sweet dishes to eat which is the biggest problem of their failure.

To make money online first of all you need to be skillful. If you are not a skilled person then start learning the skills that make you feel comfortable and proficient. After getting some of the skills you can earn from these platforms by offering your services.

Best Ways To Make Money Online

These are the best ways to start earning online without investing a single penny from your pocket. Just need your concentration, consistency, and determination.

Make Money Online Through Freelancing

Freelancing is the super fast and easiest way to start earning online only if you’re a skilled person. No matter what type of skills you own. Freelancing provides an opportunity to monetize your skills even if you are a data entry operator or a machine learning expert. Here are some most popular freelancing platforms:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour

You just need to go on this platform along with one of your most proficient skills. Simply create an account and start bidding of projects.

Make Money Online Through Youtube

Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. It also pays a handsome amount of money to video publishers once the publisher channel fulfill a criteria or eligible for youtube monetization services. The criteria for channel monetization is 1k subscribers and 4000 watch hours on your youtube channel. People who love making vlogs and other types of videos such as educational videos, fun and entertainment videos, music, and information videos successfully earn a handsome amount of money.

You just need to create a youtube channel and start posting unique content (videos). Share it with the community or with your circle. Once your channel meets the criteria of monetization you need to apply for it and after approval attach your youtube channel with your Google Adsense Account which is directly attached to your bank account.

Make Money Online Through Facebook

Facebook is a very strong community medium daily a million people posting jobs to hire people for their jobs and projects. People think that Facebook is just a social content sharing platform. But the reality is that there are a number of groups and pages on Facebook that posted online jobs for data entry or editing related jobs, search these groups and join them.

Another method is to learn Facebook & Instagram ads management and offer your skills on a freelancing platform. The third and most low chance to get an online money method is to develop and maintain a well-reputed Facebook page or group and start paid advertisement.

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