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What Is The Correct Sitting Posture For Freelancers

what is the correct sitting posture for freelancers

Are you someone who think freelancing is a cool job because you can work from anywhere and everywhere and in any position you want to? Well, this is true but only a half-truth. Problem is that as a freelancer you can work from anywhere and everywhere as per your feasibility but do you know how much the correct sitting posture is important? And what will happen if you don’t pay attention to a correct sitting posture?

A bad sitting posture is not only for freelancers but in traditional desk jobs also people have bad sitting postures while working on their desks in front of a computer. I will focus on the bad sitting posture of freelancers only and how it affects them. I will also make you learn what is the correct sitting posture for freelancers.

After the COVID-19 pandemic freelance career is growing rapidly. If you are someone who has just begun your freelancing journey let’s say you are a freelance writer. This article is important for you and all experienced freelancers as well so they can apply correct sitting posture while working.

Few Words About Correct Posture And It’s Benefits

Correct posture is what your spine has and aligned with it. Anything except this is incorrect. No matter you sit, stand, or lie down. If your body is not aligned with your spine then your posture is not correct. 

Your Spine Naturally Has 3 Curves:

  1. The outward curve at the level of the neck.
  2. The inward curve at the level of your chest.
  3. The outward curve at the level of your hips or lower back.

what is the correct sitting posture for freelancers

If Your Posture is Correct and Aligned With the Spine You Will Have:

  • Less stress on the muscles and joints during and sort of movement.
  • Your muscles, ligaments, and joints are less likely to get injured.
  • You will be able to maintain your balance properly.
  • The spine will be preserved and secured.
  • You will be free from all unnecessary pains and aches.

What Are Usually Practiced Bad Postures?

I am mentioning some of the commonly practiced bad postured by freelancers for their work:

  • Hunched forward and sloughed shoulders while sitting.
  • Holding a mobile phone between the neck and your shoulder while talking.
  • Sitting on a sofa with your legs up on the table of the chair.
  • Putting the laptop on your lap while using it.
  • Lean your neck down towards the screen while using a mobile or laptop.
  • Using the laptop while lying on the bed straight or at your side.
  • Lean forward towards the screen sitting in a chair.
  • Don’t rest your back on the chair and sitting at the edge of the chair.
  • Look at your screen with chin forward.
  • Sitting with an inadequate distance from your screen.
  • Sitting for excessive periods.

Harmful Effects Of A Bad Sitting Posture

There are many problems associated with this issue most common are listed below:

  • Unnecessary stress on your muscles and bones.
  • Persistent pain in the body or specific muscle.
  • Eyestrain and eye-related issues.
  • Bad or inadequate blood flow.
  • Pain due to nerve compression.
  • Permanent damage or change of alignment to your vertebrae results in reshaping of your back and overall posture.
  • Damage to your spinal cord.
  • Headache, neck ache, and other body aches.
  • Exaggerate your current condition such as arthritis
  • Unnecessary fatigue.
  • Mood related issues and disorders.
  • Stress and Depression.

What Is The Correct Sitting Posture For Freelancers?

Follow these steps to correct your posture or convert your bad posture to the correct sitting posture. Maybe initially this will be difficult for you, but gradually you will make it a habit.


  • Pur your lower back up to the chair’s back.
  • Then rest your upper back on your chair’s back.
  • Keep your back straight with support to the chair. 
  • Make all your curves align with the chair


  • Adjust the chair up to your height.
  • Make sure your feet are touching on the ground firmly.
  • Also, adjust other areas of your chair if there is an option. 


  • Adjust your upper and lower back to the back of your chair.
  • Support your back and its curves fully to the chair.


  • Use a desk that has a proper position and distance from you while sitting.
  • The desk must be on an adequate level to your body not very high not very low.


  • Keep the screen at your eye level is a must.
  • Keeping the screen at eye level will improve your eye health.
  • If you keep the screen at eye level you don’t have to tilt your neck below to look at the screen, hence helping you to keep your neck straight.
  • Also, tilt the screen up to 10-15 degrees backward.


  • Lie your feet on the ground.
  • There should 90-degree angle between your pelvis and your thighs.
  • A 90-degree angle between your knees and your legs.


  • Don’t roll your shoulders forward.
  • Keep your shoulders rolled backward aligned by your body.
  • Keep your elbows adjacent and close to your body as well.


  • Assemble everything around you before sitting so they are easy to reach for when needed.
  • Use adequate screen brightness for decreasing eyestrain and use glasses for eliminating the blue light effects.
  • Keep your keyboard and mouth in front and near to you.
  • Don’t use your lap for your laptop instead use a desk.
  • Keep your legs at 90 degrees to your pelvis bone, don’t cross them or spread them forward.
  • Exercise and stretch regularly for improving your posture.
  • Take a break every 30 mins for 10 mins at least.
  • Use hands-free for talking on the phone. 
  • Avoid bending forward or lean down your head at any point.
  • Put some pressure on both sides of the body.
  • If you are sitting on your bed use a laptop stand. 
  • Keep your neck relaxed and don’t poke your chin forward on screen.

In a nutshell, yes, freelancing is an awesome and far most easier job when it comes to lifestyle. Instead, do it with the right sitting posture to avoid any health consequences realted to it. Indulge yourself with a proper desk, chair, and computer glasses and enjoy your work.

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