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6 Secret Tips to Rank Your Fiverr Gig at First Page

Did you still worry about your gig rank and not getting an order? Don’t worry about anything just follow these simple tips to rank your Fiverr gig on the first page. I assure you that It will definitely rank your Fiverr profile as well, to rank your gig on first-page gig SEO play an important role but still you need something that fulfills the Fiverr algorithm gig ranking algorithm, although this method is verified and experienced by me as well.

Steps to Follow to Rank Your Fiverr Gig

  1. Install Easy Auto Refresher In Your Chrome Browser
  2. Create Custom Gig Image Using Canva or any Image Editor
  3. Search Your Gig Keyword To Analyse your Competitors
  4. Write an SEO Title, Tags & Description for Your Gig
  5. Must Add FAQ’s & Requirement Notes
  6. Add Intro Video & Portfolio

These are all the high-level overviews that will be explained in the bottom section in detail.

Install Easy Auto Refresher In Your Chrome Browser

Fiverr algorithm keeps active all the time and turns your profiles offline even your are login and active on your dashboard the Fiverr algorithm turn your profiles off after few second if you are not using your mouse and not navigate from one page to another simple is that if you are not working with your Fiverr profile it will be turned offline by Fiverr algorithm to solve this problem we use the auto-refresh extension that refresh your profile after fix time span that we specified in extension but make sure that don’t set time span below than 90 seconds.

Create Custom Gig Image Using Canva

Never try to download google images to set directly as your gig image, but yes you can download the images from google and edit according to your gig requirements the main thing to understand here is that always save your edited gig image with the name of gig title that contains the gig keywords as well, that is a factor of image SEO. Use high contrast to make your gig image & text more visible in Fiverr search.

Search Your Gig Keyword To Analyse your Competitors

Before creating your gig just do a little research about your service market value by searching your gig keywords in Fiverr search bar also keep your eyes open for Fiverr keyword suggestions, the purpose of this research is that firstly you get an idea about how frequently your service is purchased by buyers on Fiverr, secondly your also get an idea of how your competitors manage their gigs and its meta-data (title, description, tags, images, videos), etc. if you are confused about a keyword that what is a keyword? The keyword is just a phrase or combination of two or more than two words. Like I am a WordPress website developer I will search for “WordPress Website” in the Fiverr search bar. I hope your guys got my point.

Write an SEO Title, Tags & Description for Your Gig

Don’t be confused about the word SEO title, description and tags, the purpose of Step number 3 that is described above is to find the well-researched keywords that against which your gig will be rank in Fiverr search result, make sure that your keyword appears in your gig title at least one time and also remember that don’t forget to put this keyword in your gig tags after that keep in mind your gig keyword will appear in you gig packages and at last but not least also write your gig keyword in your gig description as well at least 3-4 times that is all you need to do in this section.

Must Add FAQ’s & Requirement Notes

In this section, you need to think like a buyer’s perspective that what kind of question can be raised in your buyer mind. After reviewing your gig, you need to list down all the questions and their answers in the Q/A section. You can also take help for your competitor’s gig’s Q/A section and get an idea of how they are managing these sections. You also need to inject your gig keyword in any question or answer as well. After that you need to write a clear cut requirement section about what you need to start the project and mention all your requirements related to starting the project.

Add Intro Video & Portfolio

Tip number 6 is just a plus point to add the value in your Fiverr gig that makes a good impression on clients. Make sure that your gig intro video length will not be longer than 45 seconds because no one wants to waste time. Make your gig intro video more exciting and descriptive so that clients click your gig with pride. Add some samples of your previous work or practice in your gig portfolio section as well.

Here is Free Advice But It Really Works For Me:

Keep your laptop turn on 24/7 * 365, set auto-refresh extension and use the Fiverr mobile app as well, and don’t turn your laptop off until you see your gig in the first or second page after that it’s up to you whether you like to go back or stand at first. Must follow this instruction ad you will see results in the form of orders. Learn more about the Fiverr beginner guide if you are a newbie to freelancing.

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