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Fiverr Launching Promoted Gigs Feature and Pull Up The Hurdles For New Sellers

Do you know about the Fiverr launching promoted gigs feature? Fiverr is growing rapidly. A number of new professionals all around the world is joining Fiverr. Recently due to COVID-19, I heard some rumors about Fiverr incorporation facing some financial issues. The number of sellers increasing on Fiverr with every passing day because there is no merit in joining the Fiverr.fiverr gig promote

Fiverr pays the role of a third party between buyer and seller to get a 20% commission on each completed order. I personally experience the Fiverr community. They really don’t care about sellers on their platform and always put the buyer first in any case.

As the Fiverr makes progress the thirst for profit-making from sellers is increasing day by day.firstly they started the Fiverr-pro system and get the extra money to promote those sellers who spend money.

When they realize that they are not getting enough revenue to fulfill their business needs, they introduce the Fiverr Learning Management System in the form of Learn From Fiverr. In which they offer a variety of courses, each of them sells at a fixed price.

After learn from Fiverr program they also offer many other profit-seeking programs from sellers. Now Fiverr is going to launch the Fiverr promoting gig feature that pulls up the hurdles for a new Fiverr seller.

Fiverr Launching Promoted Gigs Feature

Fiverr ads or promoting gig features is a killer way to decrease the number of new sellers. Although, it’s beneficial for top-rated sellers and sellers with more than 70 reviews on gigs. The first page of Fiverr search results will display the promoted gig as Google displays the web pages with running ads in their search results at the top.

Those sellers who run the Fiverr ads campaign on their gig will occupy the first page. It means that there is no chance for a new seller to rank the first page and get direct orders from the buyer.

However, new sellers are not able to run Fiverr gig ads because they will not be eligible for this until their gig score and maintain at least 4.7 ratings and 70 reviews to run the ads.For more information and updates you need to keep in touch with Fiverr blog and guidelines.

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