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The Truth About PUBG Ban In Pakistan Is About To Reveal

The Truth About PUBG Ban In Pakistan Is About To Reveal

Are you a PUBG fan and a sudden PUBG ban in Pakistan making you anxious?

It’s unlikely that you are reading this and you have no idea what PUBG is? But I will explain it a little bit briefly.

  • PUBG (player unknown’s battlegrounds) is an online battle game in which multiple players at the same time can play from different countries.
  • You can play it individually or in a 2 player or 4 player mode.
  • 100 people land on a specific area on an island via parachute and after searching out their surroundings.
  • After landing they equipped themselves with guns and other killing equipment.
  • The area of survival gets shrunken with time and a team or player who stand lastly out of 100 wins.
  • The rumors of the PUBG ban in Pakistan were in the highlights since when a complaint launched to authorities about 16 years old boy found dead while hanging by the ceiling fan after he missed fulfilling a mission in the game.
  • The youth in Pakistan were much addicted to PUBG than other activities in their lives.
  • Parents claim that this game is responsible for the behavior issues in children and youngsters. Non-obedience towards elders, aggressive behavior, and spending a lot of time and attention on the game was undoubtedly alarming.
  • All issues not necessarily always due to PUBG but in the majority of them, it was highly observant.
  • Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 everybody including children stuck at home. Youngsters and children find more time to spend on PUBG hence, the addiction escalates.
  • The complaints were launched regarding the PUBG ban in Pakistan to the concerned authorities. They all taken into consideration with a final action took place on 1st July 2020.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) declares and notify that after all the consideration of complaints temporary PUBG ban in Pakistan will be a contrivance from 1st July 2020.

The reasons behind this explained by PTA such as:

  • PUBG is addictive and is a waste of time
  • PUBG is having negative impacts on psychological and physical health

This query is in everyone’s mind and the resulting answer can be YES and NO.

  • Addictions from games are a serious issue itself, especially a game that is violent is worrisome.
  • The disobeying attitude of children towards their elders during the game is also truthful. The involvement in-game is so deep that the surroundings don’t matter.
  • Excessive playing time of PUBG or any other game leads to time waste, studies, family, and extracurricular activities compromise.
  • Sitting in front of the screen for long hours can lead to several eye problems.
  • Involving in violent games or activities for longer periods may lead to violent and aggressive behavior.
  • Memory and concentration are affected.
  • These factor leads to the daily routine, eating, socializing will be affected.
  • PUBG is only an electronic screen game. It doesn’t control you, but you control it, and it’s up to the user how it uses that.
  • Neglecting the studies and social life due to the game is the mistake of the user and not the game.
  • Spending excessive time over it is the user’s fault.
  • PUBG releases its ‘Gameplay management system’ and it’s up to the user to follow it as instructed or not.

In Conclusion, the game itself is not a problem, its overuse, its involvement in personal, professional, and student life is the main issue. If a user only considers it as a game and play it for time pass and fun in moderation. The game will not cause any harm in my opinion.

Try to monitor everything and manage closely to avoid associated health issues, addictions, and behavioral changes. Excessive of everything can cause damages.

Only God knows whether the game will be permitted or not and till how long PUBG ban in Pakistan. Many people are playing the game through VPN (virtual private networks) or with other tips and tricks.

From today promise yourself if you are an adult or a parent of a child. Once the game will be permitted again you will set limitations for yourself or your child. Set schedules, communicate, and play PUBG in moderation with the balance of everything else in life.

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