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How Electronic Screens Affect Eye Health Of A Freelancer

How Screens Affect Eye Health

Are you a freelancer and spending most of your time in front of the electronic screen of your laptop or mobile? Besides, do you know how these electronic screens affect eye health?

There is no doubt that technology is growing rapidly, and people are living a life that involves electronic screens and gadgets all around them. The Internet has made life very easy and replaced most of the workforce.

Life is shrinking to be as compact and as easy as possible, so the idea of working online from home that is freelancing is also gaining a lot of importance due to COVID-19. Even if you are not a freelancer in this pandemic of COVID-19, your company might need you to work online from home.

It’s easy than a traditional job to staying home working from a laptop. But good things aside, think that how these electronic screens affect eye health? And what you can do about it? I will discuss this matter in detail and will clear all your queries regarding this issue.

What Are The Effects Of Electronic Screens on Your Eye Health?

There are a lot of obstacles faced by a freelancer and health care for freelancers is one of them. Freelancing not only turns you towards a sluggish lifestyle and stress you out but also affecting your eye health.

Computer vision syndrome or CVS is a collective term for the damage to your eyes given by electronic screens listed below:


How Electronic Screens Affect Eye Health?


Blue light is one of the wavelengths of light between 400-450 nm. This spectrum of light from electronic screens affects your eyes by increasing eye strains, vision issues, and further damages to different parts of the eyes, especially the retina.


If you keep the screen very near to your eyes there are more chances that electronic screens affect your eyes.


If you are already having eye issues you will be more prone to develop computer vision syndrome.


If you use very little brightness or very high brightness on your electronic screen it will affect your eyes.


Improper postures disturbed your eyes and screen coordination. Due to this, your eyes will have a hard time focusing which will eventually affect the eyes.

How To Prevent Electronic Screens Effect on Eye Health?

  • Adjust your laptop or computer screens in the correct position concerning your eyes. That is the uppermost part of your screen must be on the eye level.
  • Adjust and tilt your screen back and keep at an angle of 10 to 15 degrees. This position will be easy on your eye muscles and also reduce glare.
  • It’s advisable to keep the brightness of your electronic screen to it’s lowest to decrease eye strain.
  • Make sure no glare is on the screen from your surroundings and if there is one, adjust the screen or the surrounding object who is responsible for that glare.
  • Keep your electronic screen clean and dust-free.
  • If you have already existing eye dryness and you also working online this can aggravate dryness. For this issue, you can use dry eye prevention drops with the advice of a doctor.
  • Learn and practice blinking more often to prevent dry eye and eye strain.
  • 20-20-20 rule is a well known and advisable rule for people with eye-related issues or who spent more time in front of screens. That is take a 20-second break, keep the screen feet away and do this every 20 mins.
  • Set screen time for yourself and don’t use it unnecessarily.
  • Get yourself a pair of glasses specific for the computer vision syndrome and they also help in preventing blue light effects.
  • Use an anti-glare or matte protector for your electronic screen to reduce glare.
  • You can use a larger font than usual so your eyes easily read the text.
  • Go to your doctor for routine eye checkups at least once in 6 months.

Now the outcome, eye Health is not only crucial for a Freelancer or someone who is working from home or a freelancer, but for everyone who is using electronic screens in the majority part of their day.

This includes watching Netflix or Youtube. Let’s not forget social media here such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. These steps I mentioned will be applied to anyone regardless of work or entertainment.

There is nothing more dangerous besides the excess of anything who might be an asset of yours provided by technology. But due to that asset don’t ruin one of the biggest gifts given from God as eyes. Use electronic screens in moderation and enjoy the benefit without affecting your eyes’ health. See more about how to look after your eyes.

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