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Are You Feeling Tied Up? Break The Rope of Stress

Are You Feeling Tied Up? Break the Rope of Stress

Your mind worked through a programmed mechanism that helps you to react to the challenges you face. They can be physical or mental. Just like many others, stress is also a normal reaction of mind towards emotional challenges you face in your life. It occurs when these challenges are too much to handle or become out of your hands.

Stress is a reversible phenomenon and it does not persist mostly. When the triggers stop you come out of stress and feel normal. It can lead to Depression if continues.

Stress triggers include minor and major circumstances you face in your daily routine. Include meeting the deadlines, going through financial strains, loss of a job, illness of a loved one, overburden with responsibilities, watching sad news on television, unhealthy relationships. Environmental triggers, such as loud music or noises, are stuck in traffic, extreme weather, etc.

Does Stress Impact Your Body?

When you experience stress, your mind starts to cope with it. The hormones and feedback mechanisms, that leads to physical and mental responses towards it. You will have high blood pressure and heart rate, sweating, heaviness, difficulty in breathing, weakness, sleep disturbances. In short, all your body’s normal functions compromise.

Stress leads to mood changes, anger, sadness, need for isolation, difficulty in concentrating, weakness, eating and sleeping disturbances, teeth grinding, nail-biting.

Stress is a normal response of the mind, so nobody can eradicate it out of their life, problems occur when it gets out of your hands or started impacting your life. By following ways, you can prevent harmful effects on personal and social life and prevent major depression, anxiety, or any other mood disorders.

Regardless of the cause, there are some simple tips and lifestyle changes anyone facing stress can adopt, it will not only help in managing stress but also improve the overall physical and mental wellbeing of a person.

A trigger for stress may be single or a combination of many, identify them, and analyze them, some of them can be avoidable and manageable, some may be out of your hands. Reasons can be either personal, professional, social, or environmental. By thinking over them will give you a better understanding of them, about your mindset, and ways you can handle them efficiently.

You can also maintain a journal, write down all your thoughts, the things that are responsible for your burnout, and how in your opinion you can avoid them, write down your daily routine and in this way you can better analyze and manage things.

Avoid unnecessary stress like getting into a fight, try to take a route having less traffic, avoid loud noises, don’t watch sad movies or television shows or news, get yourself out of a toxic relationship. I know it is easier said than done, but with time try to avoid little by little and then make it a habit, replace things that aggravate stress with things you enjoy, or make you happy.

Many stressors in your life are due to poor management skills, you don’t plan, try to plan your day, set realistic goals, and make them work out, for example: work in advance to meet the deadline and not only a few hours before.

Talking is always helpful, and isolation is not a solution, avoid excessive thinking over it, again and again, is not the solution to any problem. If you are in stress, talk to your friend or family, explain to them what you are going through and ask for help, let them listen to you, and take some solution out of it. You will feel supported and motivated by a loved one by your side.

A healthy mind needs a healthy body, some nutritional choices such as excessive coffee, tea, alcohol leads to an increase in stress rather than decreasing it, QUIT alcohol, drugs, and smoking completely out of your life they don’t have any positive health effects in any way. LIMIT your coffee, tea, or any caffeine-containing drinks.

Eat wholesome foods. Eat a recommended healthy diet, and avoid processed foods. This will keep your energy levels up to the mark. It will not only helps in stress-relieving but having a significant decrease in weight. Also, include micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals in your diet which help to cleanse your mind and body making your immune system stronger.

No lifestyle modifications are complete without involving exercise in your routine. Involving in a physical activity is not always meant to get a gym membership and planned workout sessions. Anything which allows you to get up and use your muscles falls in this category.

Physical activities like walking, swimming, running, dancing, cycling, and workout in the gym are helping when it comes to relieving stress.

Try to involve in the basics first. Keep moving on feet often instead of sitting. Use the stairs. Go for a walk to nearby places rather than a car. Engage yourself in household work. Gradually increase these up to a proper walk, jog, or workout to at least 30 minutes 4–5 days a week. Exercise stabilizes your body and mind, releasing happy hormones that automatically decrease stress.

If you are in stress you need to calm down, there is much evidence that relaxation techniques work best when it comes to stress management, and not only are they important for overall mental well-being, they improve focus, concentration, and memory. These techniques involve yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and engaging in your prayers.

Stress disturbs sleep, but good night’s sleep is crucial when it comes to its management. In the night when you sleep your body heals itself from all the physical and mental stresses. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is at its peak after sunset.

If we don’t sleep at night this will impact your body and mind negatively rather than positively. It can affect your concentration, decision making, and memory. Try to get your beauty sleep every night for at least 6 hours.

In conclusion, there are many reasons in your life to get stressed, some are avoidable, others don’t, what you can do rather than just sit down and keep on thinking over it is to change your routine and lifestyle. Try to avoid unnecessary stress, and focus on solving the important ones. All problems have solutions, analyze, think and try to solve it, and whenever needed get help. It’s better to be productive than to be stressed.

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